Simple software project management for artists

Artists are increasingly working with software, where these technologies may form the subject or the medium of their artwork – or maybe both. Unless you are an artist who writes your own code then you will need to collaborate with a software developer, maybe a whole team of engineers.

Talking to other artists I know that this kind of collaboration although exciting can also be problematic, as people from very different domains can sometimes struggle to communicate effectively.

As a practising artist with a past life as a software project manager I wanted to share some of the ideas that I initially learned while working in software development and which I have modified to help me deliver software-based artwork.

The methodologies suggested in this guide are based on a system called Agile Development. Agile is a popular software development system which is designed to be responsive to changing project needs while providing individual team members with a high level of autonomy.

I hope they will be useful to you and maybe facilitate your own art/software projects.


    • Introduction
    • About these methodologies
    • Use project management software
      • Setting up a project board
      • Creating ‘Lists’
      • Creating task cards
      • Clearly defining software tasks
      • Using task cards to show progress
      • Some tips on effective task card management
    • Other key considerations
      • Create a roadmap
      • Talk to each other
      • Have places for shared project assets
      • Allow plenty of time for software testing
    • Thanks for reading!

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